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      Talent Strategy


      Harmonious Development


      Talent Strategy


      Talent Strategy: Fostering People-oriented cohesion to achieve Harmonious Development

      In accordance with the talent strategy of "Fostering People-oriented cohesion to achieve Harmonious

      Development ", Raidy Boer Enterprise has taken the talent strategy as a key element of enterprise development

      strategy to be implemented in its daily operation since its establishment.

      Raidy Boer seeks to develop corporate culture and enhance employees' self-discipline to improve effective

      governance of the enterprise through effective alignment of governance with corporate culture in accordance with

      the strategy of valuing qualified employees and integrating human resources in international business..

      Raidy Boer Enterprise integrates the self-value realization of employees

      and the corporate development strategy by selecting, using, building and retaining qualified employees

      and improving HR management system.

      Raidy Boer Enterprise inspires its employees to work with motivation and enthusiasm to enhance enterprise cohesive force

      and provide opportunities for the employees to develop with the progress of the enterprise by incentive schemes to encourage employees' initiatives,

      self-motivation and creativity.

      As a garment enterprise committed to international operation,

      Raidy Boer Enterprise always attaches importance to talent building.,

      Raidy Boer Enterprise has established Raidy Boer Fashion Institute,

      enabling more rising enterprises in the clothing industry to go global from Sichuan.

      Today in the 21st century,

      talents are the only way for China's brands to improve their international competition position that can give increasing vitality to Raidy Boer Enterprise .

      Add: No. 199, Second Section of Xinhua Road, Haixia Science Park, Wenjiang District, Chengdu  Zip:610000  Tel:028-82669999                 蜀ICP備13002616號-2