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      Future Prospects

      Future Prospects


      Leading the Fashion Industry by World-class Brand

      Corporate Vision::Leading the Fashion Industry by World-class Brand

      International —— International operation, international market and international brands
      Quality —— a reflection of corporate comprehensive capacity represented by Management, standard and process

      International Quality —— we are committed to providing the society and enterprise stakeholders with the value of international quality by creating international quality with international operation

      Pilot —— We are determined to grow from a pioneer into a new leader in China's clothing industry
      Fashion —— ours is a fashionable enterprise composed of fashionable employees who are working in fashion industry to provide fashion services.
      Fashion Leader —— We seek to lead the fashion trend and navigate the development of fashion industry with advanced operation model.

      Add: No. 199, Second Section of Xinhua Road, Haixia Science Park, Wenjiang District, Chengdu  Zip:610000  Tel:028-82669999                 蜀ICP備13002616號-2